Acute Care Clinic in Tallahassee, FL


Caring for adults and children of all ages.

Are you looking for personal injury rehabilitation in Tallahassee Florida? Accidents always happen when you least expect and they can leave you injured. Being hurt is not an easy thing because not only do you have to deal with the pain, but it also can keep you from completing important work, home or school related activities.

Two Part Patient Care System

Our acute care clinic located at 132 Salem Court in Tallahassee, FL is where our patients are first admitted for care. Once evaluated, we develop a professional plan of care by taking into account their current medication - we prioritize a goal for the individual treatment of every patient.
Physical Therapist And Patient — Physical Therapy Guidance in Tallahassee, FL
A Doctor — Physical Therapy Guidance in Tallahassee, FL

Clinical Laboratory

Once our patients achieve reduction in pain and improvement in mobility as well as the acceleration of strength, the patient is advanced to our off-site clinical laboratory. This clinical lab is a gymnasium within the community where through onsite physical therapy supervision and guidance, our patients can begin to improve their overall strength and function.

Compression Garments

Our quality compression garments fit your life and are available in many sizes, styles, colors, and compression levels. Our products are designed to be worn every day to improve management of venous and lymphatic disorders or for support to prevent injuries. We offer professional guidance and fitting by certified staff at our clinic.
Compression Socks
Compression Socks